Paris Jackson: this precious advice passed on to him by his godfather, Macaulay Culkin

This is what is called a close-knit family. In the old days, Paris Jackson could ask her father, Michael Jackson, for advice on how to play the best of his vocal cords. And now, her singing talents are well established. But when her casting date for “American Horror Stories” – the spin-off of the “American Horror Story” series – was communicated to her, it was a different kettle of fish … Fortunately, the 23-year-old star was able to count on his godfather, the aptly named Macaulay Culkin. Indeed, since the age of ten and after his coronation in “Mum, I missed the plane”, the actor maintains a strong friendly bond with the interpreter of “Thriller”. Even to the point of becoming the godfather of his daughter Paris. More than a true ally of the family, Macaulay Culkin also starred in the “American Horror Story” saga, as the new kid chosen by Ryan Murphy for a tenth round of episodes, which is scheduled for release on August 25. next. So there was no better support for Paris Jackson. Interviewed by ” IS! News », she also confided in this tender exchange: “They [la production] were very, very tense about confidentiality agreements and things like that. But I said to myself, he signed one of these agreements, so he is part of the AHS family ”, reasoned the singer, before declaring:“ I had the impression that, if I could tell someone one, it would only be up to him. “

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“He told me to do too much at times”

And Macaulay Culkin wasted no time in fulfilling his role as a mentor. His main advice? Do not hesitate to outbid. “He told me to do too much at times. In a way, to overplay and make it theatrical, ”she said. Obviously, the 40-year-old American got it right, since she landed the role of Maya. A young woman who becomes – at her expense – friends with Scarlett, a twisted teenage girl whose fathers have just moved into the Murder House. We are already shivering. “I sent him a photo of my face covered in blood, then he sent me a photo of the blood he had in his hair while filming,” added Paris Jackson. An iron bond that even reaches the trays, and well beyond. Three years ago, the duo revealed on their social networks the tattoo they had in common. Obviously, even the controversies will not have got the better of their relationship.

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