Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz filmed the attacking sheriff’s deputy in prison

Parkland gunner Nikolas Cruz attacks a deputy of the Broward County sheriffs on November 13, 2018

The video shows Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz attacking a MP in Broward County’s main prison.

The attack took place on November 13, 2018 and shows Cruz walking up and down a public area before getting into a fight with a security guard and attacking him.

WSVN 7 news from Ft. Lauderdale received the Video from prison.

According to prison records, Mr. Cruz and the deputy, Sgt. Raymond Beltran, began to fight after Mr. Beltran “asked Cruz not to pull his sandals off the floor while he was walking around.”

The video shows Mr. Cruze giving the guard the middle finger before rushing and attacking him. The two men wrestle and crash into a table before touching the floor. The fight continues on the concrete floor when Mr. Cruz repeatedly hits Mr. Beltran’s back before grabbing the proxy TASER.

Although the TASER is used, nobody is affected by the current, and finally Mr. Beltran retrieves the device and the two men get up and fight again. Mr. Beltran beats Mr. Cruz, who breaks free. With his newly loaded TASER, Mr. Beltran approaches Mr. Cruz, who willingly climbs to the floor and can be held back.

The fight lasts almost a minute.

Mr. Beltran no longer guards Cruz. He was arrested last March for driving under the influence of Washington State while on duty for the sheriff’s office in Broward.

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