Partnership between AMPCC and the Targa association to improve governance and management mechanisms

A partnership agreement was signed on Monday in Rabat between the Moroccan association of presidents of municipal councils (AMPCC) and the TARGA association for the development and protection of the environment, aimed at improving the mechanisms of governance and management of municipalities.

According to a press release from AMPCC, this draft convention, which will allow member municipalities to obtain “the citizen municipality label”, aims to strengthen the role of the citizen in the different stages of the development process. communities and in the dissemination of the culture of self-assessment and monitoring.

By virtue of this agreement, signed by Mohamed Boudra, of AMPCC and Dahman Saïdi, of the Targa association, in the presence of the wali director general of local communities, Khalid Safir, the first stage of the project “The label of the citizen municipality »Will benefit around 70 municipalities, members of this project and who have submitted their candidacies after fulfilling the conditions for participation, including the self-assessment of municipalities and the development of a performance improvement plan, specifies- your.

A commission responsible for supporting, monitoring and coordinating with the municipalities concerned will oversee the implementation of the said project, through technical teams and experts, who will be responsible for the self-assessment of the municipalities and the development of the various documents, notes the press release.

In a special address, Mr. Safir underlined the importance of this convention in terms of support and supervision of local affairs, support for good territorial governance, through the involvement of municipalities in the self-assessment operation, strengthening the role of the citizen in the process of local management and consecration of a realistic and rational image around the local authorities.

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