Party headquarters register for the Vienna election

The Vienna election resulted in several messages from the party headquarters on Saturday. The ÖVP shot itself at FPÖ city councilor Ursula Stenzel, who announced on Friday that she was running again. City councilor Markus Wölbitsch found it “unacceptable” that Stenzel no longer regretted her appearance at the identity parade a year ago and demanded her resignation and exclusion from the FPÖ.

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Stenzel no longer regrets appearing at Identitarians

The FPÖ took up the demand made by the migrant list SÖZ for the recognition of Turkish and ex-Yugoslav citizens as ethnic groups and was outraged. Party leader Dominik Nepp accused the SPÖ of “courting voices from the Turkish parallel societies and thereby betraying the interests of the Austrians”. But also the ÖVP with Sebastian Kurz has in the past always ingratiated itself with such groups, so Nepp. With the recognition of the Turks as an ethnic group, they would have minority status and could insist on the installation of Turkish place-name signs. “The SPÖ, ÖVP and the Greens want to turn Vienna into small Ankara for good,” warned the Blues.

The former President of the Vienna State Parliament and now President of the Pensioners’ Association of Vienna, Harry Kopietz, again devoted himself to the “Corona breakdown list of the turquoise-green federal government”. He spoke of “hair-raising inadequacies”. “A lot is going wrong in government work in overcoming the corona crisis.” There is neither a smart plan A nor a plan B by the government if a second wave of corona infections may hit the country in the fall. “Waiting and drinking tea is definitely not a promising answer to the burning question of what will happen in autumn,” said Kopietz.

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