Pasaia: Three large historic ships will star in the Pasaia Itsas Festibala

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Pasaia wants to be a party again and establish itself as a reference for maritime culture. Pasaia Itsas Festibala wants to grow in its second edition, which will be held throughout the passenger bay from May 28 to June 1. Three of its protagonists have already been revealed, three spectacular historic boats that may be visited by citizens: the ‘Shtandart’, a replica of a 18th century Russian frigate, 34.5 meters long; the ‘Oosterschelde’, a dutch schooner of three masts, with 50 m. of length and built in 1918, and the ‘Marité’, french schooner of also three masts and 45 m. of length that turns a century next year. And possibly two other large ships will join a fleet that will also bring together about a hundred smaller vessels.

Musical concerts, solidarity and environmental activities and winks at fifth centenary of Elcano they complete a program that has Portugal as a guest country. The City Council of Pasaia has been the scene of the first advance of the festival, with the presence of Izaskun Gómez, mayor of the town, Xabier Agote, director of the Festival, Félix Garciandia, president of the Port Authority of Pasaia, Denis Itxaso, deputy of Culture , and Sonia Pérez, Minister of Tourism, Commerce and Consumption of the Basque Government. All of them have highlighted the success that the first edition achieved, in May 2018, with more than 125,000 attendees, and have opted to strengthen and improve “in quality and quantity” this project “that puts in value the maritime heritage as one of the tourist attractions of Euskadi”.

Presentation of the event.
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Itxaso has stressed «the importance of cultural diplomacy and network of relationships that are woven from the organization of a festival that is a magnificent presentation card of the cultural heritage of Gipuzkoa and Pasaia, and projects us as a territory open to the world that has vocation to continue promoting a sustainable economy around the sea ».

The ‘Marité’, the ‘Shtandart’ and the ‘Oosterschelde’.

The mayor points out that this time there will be activities in the four passenger districts, and Itxaso has announced that the music program, “to be announced in a few weeks,” will be “powerful and for all audiences.” Xabier Agote explained that the figure of Elcano will be remembered, on the 500th anniversary of the circumnavigation, and there will be a solidarity presence “with the Aita Mari and her work in the Mediterranean, of which we are so proud », and the association Zaporeak. There will also be activities that recall the growing ecological deterioration of the oceans. The news of this edition will be published on the new website of the festival, The colorful poster of the event has been made by the passenger artist Izaro Mariezkurrena.



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