Pascal Smet calls on the Flemish government to also introduce a kilometer tax

Interviewed in the program Terzake (VRT), he contested the remarks made by the Flemish Minister of Finance Mathias Diependaele (N-VA) who considered that the Brussels government was only interested in the money of Flemish and Walloon commuters. “If the Flemish government has another proposal to reduce congestion in Brussels by 25%, Brussels will be happy to consider it. We are not interested in the money, ”he replied.

The Brussels government’s plan to introduce a smart kilometer tax from 2022 sparked an uproar from several parties, including the N-VA. Thus, Minister Matthias Diependaele considered that the Brussels project was by no means a “green mobility measure”, but a “flat-rate increase in the tax for Flemish and Walloon commuters”.

Brussels State Secretary Pascal Smet disagreed. According to him, it is rather a “fair tax, where each driver can decide for himself how much to pay”.

The former Brussels Minister for Mobility called on the Flemish government to also abolish the “old-fashioned, flat-rate and unfair” road tax and also to switch to usage taxation. “This is indeed a mobility measure, a measure which the president of the N-VA, Bart De Wever, considered in 2017 that it was the only viable proposal”, he said. he throws.


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