‘Pasión de gavilanes’ returned and thus it was top 10

‘Passion of Hawks’, who did not broadcast it on Tuesday for the South American qualifying matches, which were the Kings of the ‘rating’ that November 17, returned this Wednesday.

On his return, the novel of the Kings and the Elizondo (here your progress for this week) returned to be number one in the ‘ranking‘of the most viewed of Caracol and RCN, with 13.45 points.

In second place on the list was ‘Pedro, el flamoso’, which had an audience level of 11.93.

‘Rating’ from ‘Betty, la fea’ versus ‘Pasión de gavilanes’

RCN’s production slipped into sixth place in the top 10 with 6.33, down about two points from Wednesday’s rating.

That means that ‘Ugly Betty’ not only lost his versus with ‘Pasión de hawks’, but with his other contender, ‘Pedro, el flamoso’.

For its part, ‘La hija del mariachi’ also still does not win the fight for the ‘rating’ of its competition, the novel of the ‘scaly’, because this Wednesday it barely added 4.46.

These data can be seen in the following Ibope’s ‘post’ with the ‘rating’ of November 18:

Top 10 of the ‘rating’ of November 18

The list not only included novels by Caracol and RCN, but also newscasts from the first channel, as can be seen below, which shows the productions that appeared in the top 10 on Wednesday, as well as their positions and scores. Those details are also seen in the trill of this note.

  1. ‘Passion of Hawks’: 13,45
  2. ‘Pedro, the scaly’: 11,93
  3. Caracol News at 7 pm: 7,99
  4. Caracol News at 12:30 pm: 7,40
  5. Caracol News at 11:30 pm: 7,30
  6. ‘I am Betty the Ugly one’: 6,33
  7. ‘Omer’: 6.13
  8. ‘What life stole from me’: 5,82
  9. ‘Beautiful calamities’: 5,53
  10. ‘The daughter of the mariachi’: 4,46


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