Patrick Vieira (Nice): “We have suffered a lot” – Foot – L1 – Nice

Patrick Vieira (coach of Nice, beaten 1-3 in Montpellier): “It’s a disappointing game. Without looking at the result, the content was disappointing. We came across a very good, realistic and dangerous team. And we weren’t good. We suffered a lot. The addition could have been heavier. We have been inside. We weren’t good with the ball. We weren’t good at the defensive impact. We have shown that there is still a lot to work on.

When we do not set a pace in the construction, it is difficult to destabilize a team as united as Montpellier. We suffered a lot, especially at the athletic level. We have the quality to do much better. We must analyze our match to find the answers and prepare for the match against PSG in a calm manner. Gouiri, who returned from selection with an injury, was unable to play. I didn’t want to take any chances and I don’t regret it. “

Dante (Nice captain and scorer): “We didn’t play the game we wanted to play. We didn’t set our game up and we didn’t win many duels. We must do everything not to repeat a match like that. We came across a good opponent whose defensive qualities we know. It is above all a question of the mind.

We are well on the physical level. We had ideas to play this match well, but we have to put all our energy on D-Day to be present on the pitch. We didn’t. We came across a team that wanted more than us. It is not possible, it disappoints me. There can be positive in this game if we are humble, if we recognize our mistakes. Why did we lose the match? Why haven’t we set up our game? Why don’t we win the first or the second duel? We have to do a good self-criticism because we will have the same type of matches throughout the season. “


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