Pattaya actor Saïd Bogota’s trial begins for attempted assassination

Also known for his role in Taxi 5, the actor appears since Monday, with three other men, for kidnapping, sequestration and attempted murder, before the Assize Court of minors of Evry.

Saïd Bogota, actor known for his roles in Taxi 5 and Pattaya, has been appearing since Monday for kidnapping, forcible confinement and attempted murder, with three other men, before the Assize Court for minors of Evry.

Installed on a platform because of his small size, the actor, dressed in a white shirt, his hair slicked back, appeared calm in the accused’s box, facing the victim, accompanied by his two parents and his sister. Said Bogota is in particular tried for having ordered in December 2018 the kidnapping of the boyfriend of one of his former companions, also present at the hearing.

The young man, a minor at the time of the facts, was kidnapped and then sequestered in a cellar of a building for several hours, where his captors notably forced him to ingest hydrochloric acid. Then transported to a field, he received two flashball shots to the head, probably at point blank range, tear gas in the face, knocks on the head with an adjustable wrench and was then sprayed with gasoline before being set on fire. Among the three attackers, including two just major at the time of the facts, the teenager formally recognizes the actor Saïd Bogota, 28 years old, whom he designates as the sponsor of the ambush.

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Abuse inflicted

During his various hearings, Saïd Bogota, with no criminal record, admitted part of the violence but denied having wanted to kill. As one of the alleged accomplices was under 18 at the time of the events, this trial is being held before a juvenile assize court. If the closed session is customary before this judicial body, which excludes the press, Advocate General François Camard asked on Monday that it be lifted for “Understand the important role of communication and social networks in this affair”. “The publicity of debates is the usual rule”, said Francis Szpiner, the civil party counsel. Despite the clear opposition of defense lawyers to “In the court of public opinion” which, according to them, represents the press, the court considered that the limited publicity of the debates “Did not impose itself on her”. The jurors will notably have to determine the responsibility of each of the accused in the abuse inflicted on the victim, their versions do not agree. The trial is due to take place until Tuesday, September 21.


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