Sport Pau Gasol's reaction to Kobe Bryant's death: "I was...

Pau Gasol’s reaction to Kobe Bryant’s death: “I was driving and my wife started receiving messages …”


Pau Gasol continues trying to assimilate the death of Kobe Bryant. The tragic helicopter accident that ended the life of the Lakers star, his daughter Gianna and seven other people, snatched one of his best friends from the Spanish pivot. To “his older brother,” as he acknowledges.

Now, three weeks later, Gasol has granted an interview to the Los Angeles Times in which he told how the moment was when he learned of Bryant’s death. A shocking story: «I was driving on my way home in Barcelona. I came from watching a basketball game in the north of the city and was three or four minutes from home when my wife began receiving messages from a friend saying that Kobe Bryant had died in a helicopter accident.

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“I didn’t understand what he was telling me,” continues Gasol. «My wife told me that my face went totally white. I kept driving in silence for the next few minutes, and listened to his words as I tried to understand them in my head. When I entered the house, I began to cry ».

Gasol, convalescent of a foot injury, acknowledges in the interview that he spent several days practically without leaving home, completely shocked and not wanting to talk to anyone: «I couldn’t find the words. Only with Robert Pelinka (general manager of the Lakers). I found strength to talk to him and know what was happening. How were they there, how was Vanessa and the girls … ».

A few days later, he drew strength and undertook a trip from Barcelona to Los Angeles: «He needed to be here near his family, to be available. I can’t get to understand what they are going through. His loss is brutal. I didn’t know how to express how I felt. When I could put some words together, I sent them in a message and he answered me really quickly, I was very surprised and I felt very grateful. I told him we were here, so he would know that if he needed anything, here we would be. Not only now: we will be for them forever ». .


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