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Paris: Russia’s A in the women’s singles at the French Open Nastya Paulie Chengo in the final. The 29-year-old Russian star is the first Entering a Grand Slam final. In the semi-finals, Slovenia’s Marcidan Shekine Paulie was subdued to the set The advance of Chengdu. Score: 7-5, 6-3.

Rafaxjo Ko

Classic fight today at the French Open men’s singles. Maya Spy, the current champion and 20 Grand Slam winner Maya Serb is the world number one in your Rafael Nadal Yu’s novac jockey will be tied to the witch. Rafax Joko Super Po in the second semi today Start the night.

The first semifinal is scheduled for 6.20 pm Fifth Seed Dia Greek Star Stephanos Citi Pass and Ram Seed Diaz Alexander the Great


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