Pavel Zedníček and his wife organized a “corona festival”: MUNZAROVÁ DANCILA NABOSO

For example, Bára arrived in Vary behind the Zedníčky family Munzar (48) s Martin Trnavský (50), to whom the parquet belonged at the party, Aleš Háma (48), director Karel Janák (49) or Petr Lesák (47), who moderated the event with Kousalová. Halina apologized at the last moment Pawlowska (65), which addressed the unexpected calamity. Her water cracked in the cottage and she had to alert her.

Laughter and crying The festival screened home videos of the Zedníčeks and their friends from the time of the pandemic or thematic jokes from social networks. Alone Bricklayer won second place with a post in which he tries to bake buns in Florida. “The motto of this festival is: Let’s drink it. He wants to laugh at me for a while and cry for a while. My friends and I have only seen each other via Skype for a long time, ”confided Aha! Kousalová, who wanted to draw a thick line behind everything at the Parkhotel Richmond. “It’s zero year and we hope there will be no more.”

Pavel Zedníček at his birthday Karla Gotta:

Imprisonment in Florida Three months in Florida, from which they could not leave, were said to have been enough. “It’s a difference to be somewhere voluntarily and not to be. Extending your vacation by a fortnight is nice. Not so much for another fortnight. Finally, we got home after three months on the seventh or eighth ticket. Until my death, I will remember the number of our reservation, because I checked ten times a day to see if it was still valid, “Kousalová added.

He also played golf. And it was sad for Zedníček himself, who wasted his time playing golf. “It was better in that we were in the sun and didn’t have to wear veils like people in the Czech Republic, but what’s the use of the sea if you can’t go home,” he says.

Vary was taken over by Zedníček! He and his wife organized their own festival!


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