PC Gamer releases annual list of the 100 best PC games – Disco Elysium tops

Elden Ring is in second place, while Crusader Kings III rounded out the top three.

PC Gamer Editions Editorial published its annual ranking of “The 100 Best PC Games You Can Play Today”. The journalists emphasized that this is not a list of “the most important games in the history of the PC”, so many cult games are not in the leaders. PC Gamer noted that this is the rating of games that are worth paying attention to at the moment.

As in 2021, journalists put the role-playing game Disco Elysium in first place. On the second line was the action-RPG Elden Ring from the studio FromSoftware. The third position, like a year earlier, was occupied by the Crusader Kings 3 strategy.

The top ten also includes Apex Legends, Hitman 3, Hunt: Showdown, Slay the Spire, Minecraft, The Witcher 3 and Final Fantasy XIV. The ranking included 25 games that were not on the previous chart, including God of War, Forza Horizon 5, It Takes Two, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Card Shark, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Psychonauts 2.

Top 30 Best PC Games According to PC Gamer

The full list can be found at site PC Gamer.

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