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PC market growth in Western Europe continues with a jump of 21% in the third quarter of 2021 HP regained the first place, followed by Lenovo and Dell, according to Canalys

In the third quarter of 2021, the Western European PC market (desktops, laptops and workstations) recorded 16.3 million unit shipments, an annual increase of 21%. The region, hit by multiple waves of COVID-19, continued to see increased demand for PCs due to the relatively fluid situation surrounding the pandemic

While supply constraints are expected to persist through 2022, Canalys expects the region to remain a growth point for PCs as relative uncertainty drives spending in technology. HP regained first place after three quarters in second, shipping 4.4 million units and taking a 27% share. Lenovo comes in second, with 4.1 million units shipped and a 25% share. Dell, Apple and Acer complete the top 5 with 14%, 12% and 8% shares respectively.

The PC market in Western Europe has trended upward for six consecutive quarters. “Figures prove continued demand for PC devices“said Trang Pham, research analyst at Canalys.”It is no longer just a question of fulfilling back orders, but of managing longer term demand and this is good news for all suppliers in the market. However, today we are seeing a marked shift in favor of the commercial sector, as this segment has grown by 31%, compared to 11% for the consumer sector. In the future, business demand is expected to support growth through 2023. Although Western Europe has been ahead of most of its peers in operational digitization, especially when it comes to hybrid work, there is a There is a definite need for faster and better-specified devices, as companies seek not only to protect themselves against future disruptions, but also to take a serious look at their ESG goals. Shipments to consumers will naturally slow down as saturation increases and device life kicks in.“, adds Mr. Pham.

The two main suppliers – HP and Lenovo – performed very closely together, with 27% and 25% market share, respectively. HP took the lead in Western Europe with 4.3 million units in the third quarter. Since the first quarter of 2021, HP has apparently prioritized shipments to its largest market, North America, while losing market share in Europe. However, the third quarter of 2021 strengthened HP’s engagement in Western Europe, where it recorded 24% growth, despite a 6% drop in overall deliveries. Lenovo’s performance in the region was also impressive, with shipments increasing 22%, narrowly falling short of retaining the top spot. Acer experienced zero annual growth due to a decline in Chromebooks, where it has the largest market share. This decline is explained by demand close to saturation, as well as by the unfavorable comparison with a third quarter 2020 phenomenon.

Shipments of tablets in Western Europe fell 20% to 6.9 million units in pounds. “In the third quarter of 2020, tablets experienced an extraordinary performance as they filled a void created by the PC shortage. They are now experiencing a corrective decline as penetration into the primary user base saturates. “, Pham said. Despite the market contraction, Apple does not appear to have been affected. In recent quarters, Apple has increasingly extended its market leadership against other tablet sellers. In the third quarter of 2021, Apple posted 33% year-over-year growth, while the other five major vendors saw double-digit declines.

The consistent performance of the iPad today is due to Apple’s dedicated focus on the tablet market. Apple continues to launch new iPads throughout the year to serve more customer segments. Despite the crisis, Apple’s vertically integrated supply chain has protected it well against the weight of the corrective drop“, a dclar M. Pham.

The future of work in Western Europe remains in the doldrums, as new restrictions are imposed before the holidays in the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria. “Although they were the first to roll out vaccines, some countries in Western Europe have fallen behind in terms of vaccination rates.“, a dclar Pham. “With a possible fourth wave looming, the region’s economic recovery is seriously threatened. Any setback is likely to impact the rebirth not only of SMEs, but also of other businesses that have just started to reopen.

Source : Canalys

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