Pedro Alfonso recalled an emotional moment he shared with his mother: “Now that I no longer have it, I want to tell her”

Mother’s Day stirs feelings and more in times of great sensitivity like the one we live in. Pedro Alfonso wanted to remember his Ana, his mother who died in 2009 from a brain tumor that had been detected two years earlier, telling a memory with her on Instagram.

“I want to say something to my mother that I no longer have. Wherever he is, I want him to listen to it and I know that he will be happy because it is something I never told him and that is admitting something “, the producer began, before revealing that his mother was a fan of the successful Colombian soap opera woman-fragranced coffee and that he, secretly, had become one more fan although he did not say it.

“At that time I was a rebel, rocker or cumbiero, and I never admitted that I had become a fan of the novel. Was woman-fragranced coffee”, He recalled. “I was re-hooked and it’s the best novel ever. Being an asshole, I didn’t admit it and now I want to tell my mom, “he said, ending by asking them to remember loved ones with the music they liked … and he ended the video with one of the songs from the well-remembered soap opera!


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