Pedro and Michael, Jorge Jesús plan B works in Flamengo

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Flamengo he sought revenge and found it with suffering to the end in a new edition of the great Classic of Brazilian football before Fluminense. After falling on Wednesday to his neighbor and great rival in the final of the Rio Cupnow the Tournament From Rio, in his first leg and the current champion of the Copa Libertadores won thanks to the goals of the young Pedro and Michael, which in this campaign must be important pieces in the most competitive squad on the continent.

Jorge Jesus I couldn’t count on this match with Bruno Henrique and also gave rest to men like Gerson The Everton Ribeiro. However, the replacements proved to be level to be the starters and at the beginning they commanded to find the first goal with the assistance of Diego and goal of Pedro to the team where it was formed. It already marked him a few days ago and this time he beat Muriel with a precise finish with the inside of his right boot. The best way to take advantage of its inclusion in the starting lineup.

In the case of Michael, revelation player in the Brasileirao 2019, the pressure begins to prowl his figure. You need to add minutes and pay at the level of the 7.5 million euros that Flamengo paid for his transfer to Goias. In this match he entered the field in the 61st minute and 12 later he converted the final goal, in a simple shot thanks to the goal pass by Gabriel.

The level of Flamengo was noted in the substitutions that Jorge Jesús raised. Along with the scorer they entered Gerson and Everton Ribeiro and later Pedro Rocha had minutes, a player who would start in any team South America. In addition, he was left without playing Thiago Maia, still in the process of adaptation or the central Léo Pereira.

This Wednesday the decision of the state tournament will arrive in Maracana and the technician Mengao you will need to think once again about variants, since Gabigol he was sent off for wasting time on the discount. Pedro will have the opportunity to finish his Fluminense.


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