Pedro, from “junk for Mourinho” to idol of the laziali

“It was expected”. Many tifosi of the Rome They were not surprised when Pedro, receiving a ball from Immobile, punished his former team with a goal in the derby della Capitale. The Spaniard made history: only he, Kolarov and Selmosson managed to score in the eternal duel of the capital with both shirts.

In the past course, the forward had been almost an untouchable for the giallorossi. He added 40 presences, making seven assists and six goals: the last, just before Lazio in another derby. Then Mourinho arrived who, as the ‘Corriere dello Sport’ wrote, “treated it like scrap and threw it away”, forcing him to train alone waiting for your goodbye. The canary, however, immediately found a new adventure in the same city: Sarri, who already appreciated him at Chelsea, was waiting for him delighted and gave him prominence right away.

Pedro started five of the first six Serie A games and, against Roma, enjoyed his revenge. Another derby won and again with a goal of his: “Roma is my past,” he said on the day of his presentation, “I was living a difficult situation, they removed me from the staff without anyone telling me anything. I spoke with Sarri and now I am very happy “. His mocking smile after the goal, hugging Cataldi, went viral, like the way he dribbled the young Zaniolo after stealing the ball. The biancocelesti already have a new idol while many giallorossi, on social networks, they regret their sale: “Letting him go was a mistake and it was even more so to sell him to Lazio.”

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