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Pedro Snchez reactivates the football league and asks the Spaniards to “plan their vacations”


The Prime Minister, Pedro Snchez, announced this Saturday that theSoccer leaguewill be reactivated from the week of8 of June, at the same time that he has asked the Spaniards to “plan their vacations”. With a country idle and in the midst of an economic crisis, the Chief Executive offers a “normal” scenario in which you can go to the beach, enjoy sporting events and attract visitors from other countries.

In an appearance offered fromThe MoncloaSnchez has announced that since July foreign tourism will be resumed “in safe conditions”. The Prime Minister has assured that from this date foreign tourists will be able to plan their holidays in Spain, despite the fact that the borders are closed by sea and air until June 15 by order of the Ministry of the Interior and there are, in addition, , a forced quarantine imposed by the Ministry of Health for 14 days for everyone who enters the country while the state of alarm lasts.

The president has not given more details about the measure, nor has he specified how or when flights with other countries will resume, nor will he end a quarantine that causes Spain to lose 5,000 million each week. He has limited himself to expressing that in the next few days the ministers of the branch “will go about specifying the agreement” in a coordinated manner with the autonomous communities to reactivate one of the main engines of the economy and also the most punished, along with the hospitality industry.

The sector estimates that some 92,000 million will be lost in the tourist campaign this year, but that these losses may be mitigated depending on the flow of tourists allowed to enter. For this it is necessary, they say, for foreign tourists to enter from the beginning of July, according to Exceltur calculations. Snchez has not specified the exact date of reopening.

“There will be a tourist season this summer,” he sentenced. And he has invited bars, restaurants, hotels and beach destinations to “prepare to resume activity in a few days” so that they are ready to welcome the Spaniards, whom he has urged to organize their holidays, thinking not to go away, but to spend the summer in Spain.

But Snchez himself has recognized that three out of every 10 workers found in the ERTE come from the hospitality industry and tourism. And half of the Spaniards do not expect to make any tourist trip during the summer, according to a study prepared by the EY-Parthenon consultancy. 900,000 jobs have been lost since the start of the state of alarm and the Spaniards, even if they want to, cannot go on vacation.

The tone of the television appearance this Saturday has been triumphant, from “light to the end of the tunnel”, from “the hardest and most difficult has been left behind”, because the curve has been bent, the discharges exceed the diagnosed cases and it has “minimized the spread of the virus.” All of Spain will be at least in Phase 1 starting Monday and that has served Snchez to offer citizens an idyllic horizon of beach and football.

Starting with Phase 3, where he predicted that “a large part” of the provinces would be found in the week of June 8, the major sports competitions, including the League, will resume. “The ball will roll again under conditions that guarantee the safety of all participants in the competition,” he proclaimed, and said that the Higher Sports Council, the Professional League and the Ministry of Health are working on the elaboration of a protocol for guarantee the health of the players at the start of competitions.

3.5 million PCR tests and antibodies

Snchez has assured that a total of 3,556,567 PCR tests and antibodies have been performed until the 20th. During the last week (from 15 to 20) 302,086 PCR and 216,641 antibodies. He has also announced that the second wave of the seroprevalence test will begin this week to “find out exactly what the epidemiologists estimate of the pandemic situation.”

He has slipped away when asked about the death data in Catalonia, which the government considers “incongruous”, as the Generalitat reported more than 600 surprise deaths in a single day, just at a time when it was about to change phase. Snchez has limited himself to saying that both this region and the Community of Madrid have done an “extraordinary” job to advance in de-escalation.

10 days of official mourning

In response to an insistent claim from the PP, it has also announced that starting next Tuesday, May 26, the Government will approve the formal declaration ofofficial mourningin memory of the victims of Covid-19, a mourning that will last 10 days, “the longest in the History of Democracy,” said the president. The flags will be at half mast during this time and the mourning will be closed with a great act of homage presided over by the King.

Snchez has also expressed that next week he will approve the minimum vital income, an income that will be granted to four out of five people in severe situation. There are around 850,000 homes, half with minors in their care. For this, the Government has allocated a game of 3,000 million euros, which has ensured that it can begin to be collected in June as it begins to be processed.

Announcements of all kinds that have not been able to prevent that, for the first time, he had to account for the pact reached between the PSOE and Bildu, an agreement that the president has justified given the need to approve the extension of the state of alarm, “a fundamental instrument to save lives “, because, he has assured,” the Government was not guaranteed the majority in the vote “. He has avoided mentioning, that yes, that the support of the formationabertzalein fact, he did not need it, because he had already secured the votes of Citizens.

He has taken the opportunity to lash out against the PP for voting against the extension and has defended that the state of alarm “is the only tool according to theState Attorneythat limits normality and is a matter of public health, which is outside of politics and partisan interests and has nothing to do with powers, transfers or financing. “

Labor reform: “There is no contradiction”

The repeal of the labor form offered as consideration to Bildu in exchange for his support in Congress will be carried out, Snchez has promised, “in the sphere of social dialogue,” despite the fact that employers have suspended all negotiations with the Government. He praised the President of the CEOE,Antonio Garamendi, which he has defined as a “patriot”, and has defended that the debate on the greater or lesser degree of repeal that the 2012 reform achieves “does not make any sense when Congress has to vote for one thing and only one thing: the health emergency”. Furthermore, in his opinion, the different criteria expressed by the third vice president, Nadia Calvio, and the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, do not seem “contradictory” to him.

Regarding the motorized demonstrations organized by Vox, he has said that they are a constitutional right and that they are “free to mobilize” as long as the safety distance established by the health authorities is respected. But he has clamored for “harmony and” tolerance of hatred and anger. “

As he has been answering the questions of the journalists, the friendly scenario of palm trees, football and minimum income has been diluted and the most challenging Snchez has ended up issuing a warning to the PP and Vox, parties that, in his opinion, “do not do well al pas “:” If there are other political formations that think that Covid may be an opportunity to overthrow the government, they are wrong, because there are four years ahead “.

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