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Pekin Express, Koh Lanta, The Voice … Internet users angry after program changes


The semi-final of Beijing Express, back on the mythical road was deprogrammed for a particular reason on March 24, 2020 and it does not please everyone. Moreover, it is not the only program to have been modified in recent days, since The Voice 9 has been extended by TF1 because of the epidemic of Coronavirus. Since the live broadcasts cannot take place as long as the confinement lasts in France, the chain has decided to add weeks of broadcasting by shortening the episodes already edited. But on Twitter, many Internet users got angry after all these last-minute changes.

The episode of the reunification of Koh Lanta, the island of heroes will also be totally modified because of the Coronavirus … For many viewers, this is too much: “I just learned that the episode of #Kohlanta tomorrow will be cut in half. So already that we were taken from #PekinExpress on Tuesday, uh if you want us to hold #confinement will have to make efforts! “, “Between #PekinExpress which was canceled yesterday and the episode of #Kohlanta cut in half which will last only 1 hour this week is really shit”, “And now # Tf1 is getting started too …. #reunification #Kohlanta # boycottTF1 #pekinexpress # boycottM6”. Unfortunately, this may not work out since other programs could suffer the same fate in the days to come.

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