Penguin in Norway Vaccinated Against Avian Flu

Jakarta – Fear of catching the bird flu virus has put a group of penguins in Norway under quarantine for months. However, there is already an injection of a second dose of the vaccine that will make them return to normal life. Michael Buchsbaum wrote it for

Staff at the Bergen Aquarium, Norway, this week began vaccinating a group of Gentoo penguins who have been living under quarantine for months. Case The highly contagious strain of bird flu, H5N8, was detected in Norway in December last year.

The virus strain has never been registered in Norway before, but scientists say the virus has a 90% mortality rate for poultry.

Although deadly to birds, transmission rarely occurs to humans, but it is not impossible that this can occur. “Therefore, Authority Health Food imposes a curfew: all penguins in captivity must be kept under one roof, “aquarium director Aslak Sverdrup told the News Agency. AFP, March 4, 2021.

Penguin (Photo:

So far, no penguins at the Bergen Aquarium have reportedly contracted the virus.

1. Which Penguin Will Be Vaccinated First?

Twelve penguins must undergo the vaccination. Penguins that are vaccinated are in the highest risk group, namely elderly penguins. They received their first dose on Wednesday, March 3, 2021.

The next day it is the turn of the young penguins to receive the vaccine.

The vaccination process was shared by Akuaroum Bergen through a video uploaded to their Instagram account.

One of the penguins who was vaccinated was named “Erna”, after the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Erna caught the attention of tourists this past summer.

“The fact that penguins are being vaccinated right now is purely coincidental, in no way has anything to do with the coronavirus,” said Sverdrup. “But it shows that vaccines are important, especially at this time,” he continued.

2. How Does the Vaccination Process Work?

To start vaccination, the workers first drained the penguin pond in the aquarium. The penguins would be difficult to hold if they could swim after being quarantined for so long, Natalie Stenfeldt told local newspaper Bergen Tidende.

“Hoki”, one of the penguins weighing about eight kilograms, gave a lot of resistance when it was about to be vaccinated. Once held, veterinarian Hanne Marie Thomsen of the Veterinary Clinic in Bergen can administer a vaccine.

3. Ready to Return to Meet with Visitors

All penguins must be vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine before staff reseal their enclosures.

falklandPenguins in Falkland (Photo:

After a few days of getting a second dose, then the penguins can start seeing visitors to the aquarium again.

The second dose is scheduled to be given in April 2021.

“It’s a little bit the same for penguins as it is for us humans with the coronavirus vaccine. When they get their second dose, they can start to return to everyday life too,” said aquarium director Sverdrup (rap / hp) / []

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