Peruvian National Team occupies 25th place in the FIFA 2020 Ranking after losing against Chile and Argentina Mr Chip

The Peruvian Selection had a double date for oblivion, as he did not score any points due to the two defeats he suffered in the Playoffs losing against Chile and Argentina 2-0 in both games.

After completing all the matches, the international statesman Mister Chip announced what will be the new FIFA ranking, which should be becoming official in the coming days. However, in his analysis he indicates that Ricardo Gareca’s team will lose one position according to last month.

That is, the Peruvian Selection it will leave position 24 to move to 25. Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil are the other South American teams that surpass Blanquirroja in the new FIFA rankings.

The FIFA ranking for November will continue to be led by Belgium, who has just won the last three games they have played: they beat Switzerland 2-1, England 2-0 and Denmark 4-2, the last two matches by the League of Nations.


According to the same source, Belgium continues to lead in the leaderboard. France, Brazil, England, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and Italy complete the top ten of the FIFA ranking that will be made official in the coming days.

Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Colombia, Switzerland, Chile, Wales, Poland, Senefal, Sweden, the United States, Austria, Ukraine and Peru, are the teams that occupy the closest positions.


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