Pet insurance: coverage to ensure your protection

They say that the dog is man’s best friend, and what better reward for those furry friends than protection that guarantees well-being and medical attention in case they require it.

July 21 is considered World Dog Day, before this it is important to know the alternatives that exist to protect your four-legged companion.

According to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services, based on studies, a person or family can spend 9,000 pesos annually on cleaning and maintenance of their pet and in case of medical attention up to 15,000 pesos or more every time.

“An unforeseen event of this type can represent an imbalance in finances, but by having pet insurance you could achieve significant savings, since you would only pay around 10% of the total amount for the care you need,” explained Condusef.

Given the context in which many people have spent more time at home due to the pandemic, pets have played an important role, since figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), Mexico is the second country in the world with more pets and 64% of the pets chosen are dogs.

This type of insurance basically covers damages that affect the life and health of the pet, whether due to illness, an accident, or various veterinary assistance.

In Mexico there are several companies that offer this type of policy, among which BBVA Seguros, Mapfre, InterProtección (Mascota Segura), GMX Seguros (Medipet) and HDI Seguros (whose policy is linked to auto insurance).

According to the insurance advisors company PérezLara, as in other types of insurance, in those of pets, the client pays an amount (premium), and in return the insurance company agrees to cover certain expenses agreed in the policy.

“In this way, in the event of an unforeseen event, for example, if your puppy bites someone and the person sues you, you will not have to pay for the damages, since the insurance company will take care of legal advice. and will pay the corresponding compensation (up to a certain amount) ”.

Choose the one that best suits you

If you plan to acquire a policy for your “dog” it is important that, in addition to comparing the cost and benefits that each insurer offers, you also review the needs of your pet since, like us, each furry companion has different needs, in this way you will have the way to find the policy that best suits your pet.

In addition to the documentation of the person who will contract the policy, such as official identification and proof of address, the Condusef explained that it is important to have certain documentation prior to contracting the insurance.

“To contract this insurance, you must have on hand: vaccination card, insurance application, a recent photograph, health declaration. There are those who ask for a copy of a microchip or a pedigree ”, explained the agency.

On the other hand, the insurance company InterProtección, mentioned that, as well as medical check-ups are carried out to maintain the well-being of their loved ones, it is also important to maintain pet insurance for those cases in which vaccination or veterinary care is required for very long periods. punctual.

“Having a backup insurance has helped several owners to face the moments of weak health of their companion animals such as: parasitic diseases, allergies and degenerative diseases,” he explained.

Consumption X-ray

On the other hand, the pandemic also modified the consumption habits that are carried out with pets, where electronic commerce gained more force when buying food or products for canines.

According to data from Mercado Libre, the average ticket in the purchase of food is 953 pesos (almost double the average of the total of categories).

“At the moment of pampering our dogs, we added up to 2.3 more items to our shopping cart: 10% of the time with cosmetic and animal care products, 5% with prizes and supplements, and 3% with their favorite toy”, He said.

He added that although more than 50% of the people who buy their dog’s food are millennials, more and more generations are beginning to choose to buy this type of product online: the number of customers in the pet category has grown by 2.5 times during 2021.

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An unforeseen event of this type can represent an imbalance in finances, but by having pet insurance you could achieve significant savings, since you would only pay around 10% of the total amount for the care you need ”.


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