Peter Jackson unveils first images of “Get Back”, his documentary on the Beatles

« Hello everyone, and especially Beatles fans ». Peter Jackson appears this Monday in a five-minute video in which he features some clips from his documentaryThe Beatles : Get Back, which looks with never-before-seen footage on the recording of Let it Be, the Beatles’ latest album. The official release date for the film is set for August 27, 2021.

“A little preview of what we have been working on”

« Because you’ve been so patient and because the movie’s release has been delayed, we thought it was a good time to give you a little taste of what we’ve been working on. », Says the director of Lord of the Rings.

« This is not a trailer, nor an excerpt from the film, but a montage of a few moments of the 66 hours of archives that we have », Warns Peter Jackson. ” It gives you the spirit of the movie we’re going to make. (…) = I hope it will put a smile on your faces in these complicated times », Continues the director.


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