Pfizer Announces That Its Vaccine Is 95% Effective »DUPLES

After almost a year of the start of the pandemic, there seems to be hope of being able to overcome this crisis and return at some point to normal daily life.

This after several laboratories have published results of their research, with favorable results, among them, Pfizer. The American company assured that Its vaccine has positive results close to 95% in patients infected with Coronavirus.

This last evaluation identified 170 confirmed cases Covid-19, of which 162 were seen in the placebo group versus 8 in the vaccine group.

Near 43.000 volunteers have participated in these tests around the world, of them more than 41.000 They received a second dose on November 13.

In a statement Pfizer assures that “The efficacy was constant according to age, gender, race and ethnicity”, highlighting that “the efficacy observed in adults over 65 years was higher than 94%”.

“The data shows that the vaccine was well tolerated in all populations with more than 43,000 enrolled participants and that no serious safety concerns were observed. The only major side effects have been fatigue (3.8%) and headache “, deepened the report.

Pfizer and his german pair BioNTech they plan to soon publish their conclusive reports to the US FDA and European health agencies.

It is projected that laboratories can produce up to 50 million doses globally by 2020 and up to 1.3 billion by the end of 2021.

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