Pharmacies close, but the sale of medicine in the street does not stop

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Guadalajara Jalisco.

It is reported that thanks to an operation by the Guadalajara City Council in the El Santuario area in the center of the city, seven establishments that operated as pharmacies were closed due to lack of license and municipal permit as well as lack of security measures.

In a tour made by the Informative Signal cameras, you can see the closure stamps placed in what were formerly houses-rooms and they ended up occupied by the exit of neighbors who did not manage to eradicate the sale of medicines, on the street and in broad daylight .

The Director of Inspection and Surveillance, Julián Cerda Jiménez, indicated in a press release that there is permanent surveillance of security elements on Hospital and Pedro Loza streets, but testimonies from neighbors who ask for anonymity assure that the sale fell but houses and buildings are still occupied as warehouses where the points of sale are.

The images obtained show the presence on the street of those who offer medicine to cars; They meet in small groups, use bicycles, motorcycles and although from August to date the municipal government indicates that 20 pharmacies have closed, the sale of illegal drugs among other products such as viagra and drugs continues.

During the week there was a presence of the Special Operations Unit with up to five patrols on the esplanade of the Sanctuary and other corners, but their presence has progressively decreased and street vendors have returned to occupy the streets who use food stalls, premises, grocery stores and trees to deter police rounds.

Images that reached the newsroom of the Informative Sign capture the number of people who are dedicated to the sale of medicines on the street, which can reach up to 18 per block. His close relationship with the Guadalajara police and his dynamics with clients.

When the cameraman got pictures on Sunday noon, He was approached by subjects that are part of the “hawks” of medicine asking if their faces came out or not.

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