Physical exercise with the rope helps you lose weight

With the closed gyms and the number of infected por covid-19 on the rise, mens and women They have turned to simple implements to keep fit inside the house. In that list is the rope The rope, for its multiple Benefits. Also because it is easy to save and it is relatively economic.

Drinking Spinoza, boxer and trainer, ensures that the rope is ideal for burning calories, but also for tone up and strengthen the muscles of the body. With this the legs, arms and abdomen are worked. In addition, it is an alternative to improve the Balance, the coordination and to win speed.

A study published in What’s Cooking América claims they burn near 13 calories per minute. So this exercise runners are doing well, physicoculturistas, boxers and crossfitters.

Espinoza includes the jump with rope in the training his students, regardless of your age, if they are in perfect health condition.

People with problems in their knees or back should avoid it, according to the athlete Celio romero, because it is a exercise of impact.

For those who begin to activate in order to move away the sedentary lifestyle and avoid diseases As the overweight and the obesity, Espinoza suggests starting with 3 minutes a day. The following month he recommends four repetitions three minutes each.

Past the 60 days, people should be able to skip the rope during 15 minutes consecutive, also for a month. Time and repetitions will increase according to objectives from each person.

Espinoza, for example, turned three repetitions -25 minutes each one- a day, before a competition. When he was free, on the other hand, he jumped 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon, continuously, to keep fit.

To that activity, Sandry Hidrobo, physical therapist and personal trainer, suggests combining it with exercise of force to also win muscle mass, reduced in many people by the lack of physical activity. To comply with this, you can use implements such as resistance, bars, dumbbells or discs.

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The key to get Outcomeyes, the experts, is to be constant, because to stay away from diseases, institutions as the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend 30 minutes of activity a day, five times a week.

It is also important to listen to Body for reduce he risk of injuries. To avoid them, precisely, it is suggested start with the simplest jump. After, try with the rest of variants.


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