Pilar Mazzetti: “A vaccinated person will not get sick, but they can carry the virus on their surface”

This morning, in statements to the press from the San Borja district, the head of the Ministry of Health (MINSA), Pilar Mazzetti, referred to the arrival of the vaccine to the country. In this regard, he urged the population to “get on their feet” and continue to comply with the preventive measures against COVID-19.

“There is nothing to solve the fact that a person does not comply with the measures. (…) A vaccinated person will not get sick, but they can carry the virus on their surface and can pass it on to another person through physical contact, “he mentioned.

Likewise, the minister confirmed the start of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, one that she said “is starting slower”, which has given her sector time to distribute 5,800 oxygen cylinders and 250,000 oximeters , which have been sent to different regions for the first level of care.

The minister was also consulted about the salaries of Essalud workers and indicated that they are working and looking for alternatives so that everyone can have better working conditions. “We have not been able to get the funds, but that does not mean that we continue working “, said.


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