Pimec is suing the president of the Catalan chambers of commerce

“Patience has a limit.” Strongly, the president of Pimec, Josep González, has assured that his organization has filed a lawsuit against the president of the Council of Chambers of Commerce of Catalonia, Joan Canadell for insults. The conflict that arose as a result of the bill of JxCat and ERC to guarantee public funding and institutional representation in the Catalan chambers has already led to a legal fight in which the tension between Pimec and Canadell predominates, of which he was part of the board.

This initiative to regulate the cameras through the single reading procedure, ie emergency, in turn, has caused the social agents, in addition to Pimec, the other employer Foment del Treball and UGT and CCOO of Catalonia , have made pineapple against. Employers and unions consider that it violates the Constitution and the Statute, which is flatly denied by both the Barcelona Chamber and the Council of Chambers, which groups the 13 chamber bodies and is chaired by Joan Canadell, who was part of the pro-independence candidacy that prevailed in the chamber elections.

Canadell’s statements last week in which he said that “there are employers who have not elected a president for 25 years and are elected” have been the last straw. From Pimec say that the entity “holds elections every four years, as required by its statutes and he (Canadell), knows because he wanted to run in the 2014 Pimec elections but could not run in not being able meet the minimum requirements to do so.

On the other hand, a proposal for a chamber law, which would guarantee public funding and institutional representation to these bodies, was blocked this week by not being included in the Parliament of Catalonia.

Although ERC joined the bill, Pere Aragonès would have sent the social agents a message of reassurance that it would not be processed, according to sources familiar with this commitment. In turn, there are the four PDeCat deputies, who are part of JxCat, and who also do not like this proposal, which was a commitment by former president Quim Torra to Canadell.


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