Pimec warns that the escalation of commodity prices will continue

The president of Pimec, Antoni Cañete, warned yesterday that the increase in commodity prices that negatively affects the vast majority of SMEs “has come to stay”. Nor is the breakdown of the supply chain a “one-time issue”. To this must be added the “absolutely disproportionate” escalation of electricity, which Cañete called for to be reversed with measures to guarantee a “fair price” and not a posteriori actions on the benefits of electricity. For this reason, he demanded “clearly” that energies such as photovoltaics or nuclear energy not be paid for at the same price as gas. In an interview with 324, he celebrated that state accounts provide for “maximum investments,” but says “the important thing” is that they be executed.

“The price per megawatt paid by small and medium-sized enterprises is twice that of those around us,” he said, recalling the competitiveness problems this entails. The price of electricity reached 226.93 euros per MWh yesterday, the highest record in history on a Saturday.

On the other hand, Cañete again demanded that, taking into account the pressure environment for companies, the limitations for dismissal linked to ERTOs be relaxed. “What it can’t be is that not being able to de-escalate 100% forces you to return the aid,” he said.

The president of Pimec took the opportunity to reiterate that the failure of the negotiation of El Prat airport is “absolutely negative” for the economy, because it is losing an investment of 1.7 billion. Amb tot, es va mostrar «absolutament convençut» que la qüestió es pot revertir a base de «diàleg» i «voluntat política» del govern català i espanyol. With regard to the compulsory vaccination of workers, he was again in favor.


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