Piñera talks with US President-elect Joe Biden and they discuss the health crisis, climate change and the situation in Latin America

Little more than 15 minutes the call was extended that during this afternoon they held President Sebastián Piñera and his elected counterpart from the United States, Joe Biden.

In the telephone contact – in which he was also present Chancellor Andrés Allamand– Both Presidents addressed related matters to the health crisis, climate change and the situation in Latin America, as reported by the government.

According to government sources, it was Biden’s transition team that handled the call to Piñera. And that even, in the dialogue that both held, the US leader confirmed that he was the second president of the region whom he called, after Canada, and the first in Latin America.

In addition, according to the same sources, in the 15 minutes of conversation, The elected leader recalled his visit to Chile in 2014 and conveyed to the President his desire to work with our country, since he sees him as his natural ally in the region, and that is why he wanted to contact him.

Likewise, they also addressed the possibility of meeting when sanitary conditions allow it, agreeing to coordinate agendas, once the Democrat takes office in the White House, for that to happen.

About the Coronavirus pandemic both leaders discussed the progress of the vaccine and the importance of ensuring equitable access to it. They also raised the importance of strengthening international governance to face health pandemics.

In climate matters, both Piñera and Biden, according to the Presidency, agreed on the importance of complying with the Paris Agreement and committing the world’s major economies to carbon neutrality by 2050 and the protection of the oceans and forests.

In economic matters they discussed the need to revitalize APEC and undertake reforms to the World Trade Organization (WTO). Likewise, the national president highlighted the relevance of TPP11 for our region.

Finally, the two leaders addressed the challenges of Latin America and the strengthening of democracy and the rule of law in the region. In this context, Piñera raised the importance of deepening the United States‘ work with Prosur and the Pacific Alliance and, in addition, of focusing efforts to find a democratic and peaceful solution to the crisis in Venezuela.

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