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Thiruvananthapuram: A police officer who publicly accused a father and daughter of stealing a mobile phone in Attingal has been transferred. CP, an officer in the Pink Police Squad. Rajitha has been transferred from Attingal to Thiruvananthapuram Rural SP. Relocated to office. DYSP Suneesh Babu had investigated the incident and handed over the report to the Rural SP. This is followed by action.

Jayachandran and his daughter, who hails from Thonakkal, were portrayed as mobile thieves the other day. Rajitha, a pink police officer, was publicly prosecuting the two for allegedly stealing her mobile phone.

Jayachandran and his daughter arrived in Attingal at 3 pm on Friday to watch the trailers carrying the chambers to the ISRO. Jayachandran, a policewoman, approached the car and asked for it. When he handed over his phone, he saw Jayachandran taking the phone from the car and handing it over to his daughter. And then questioned. And so did the people.

Jayachandran said that despite swearing that he had not picked up the phone, the policewoman did not listen. The father and daughter were to be taken to the station for a physical examination. With this, the child started crying in fear.

Another female police officer who was with her called the phone that said it had been stolen. A search by Bell Kate found the phone inside the car’s seat cover. Jayachandran says they comforted the child. However, it is alleged that Rajitha continued to complain despite getting a mobile phone from the police vehicle itself. Video footage of the incident was also circulated on social media.

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