Pipit Preman Retired Last Night Still Filming, Afternoon Dies


Pipit Firmansyah, a soap opera player Preman Pensiun, has died. Before he died, the man who was familiarly called Kang Pipit had finished filming.

Epy Kusnandar, his partner in soap operas Retired Thugs recounts the last meeting with Kang Pipit. Epi remembers Kang Pipit taking her home together.

“Last night I was still invited to go home together after filming. This is the shooting process again, the last day yesterday,” said Epy Kusnandar, Friday (29/1/2021).

No one thought, yesterday night was still shooting, this afternoon Kang Pipit passed away. Kang Pipit died at 14.00 WIB at Muhammadiyah Hospital, Bandung.

Yesterday, Epy Kusnandar told Kang Pipit complaining about his aching stomach.

“Last night I was still together, chatting. Kang Pipit went home to look for medicine first. Last night he complained about his stomach (pain), it’s complicated,” said Epy Kusnandar.

“Because we are together, there are many memories that cannot be pronounced,” said Epy Kusnandar in a low voice.

“Kang Pipit hmm … just run away … hmm … smile cheaply. He’s a lot of friends,” said Epy.

The same thing was also told by the player Preman Pensiun 5, Kang Murad. Kang Pipit is considered as a humorous figure.

“It’s nice to talk, funny, when there are people he always makes a smile, not too serious,” said Kang Murad.

On several occasions, Kang Pipit has also shown his pain on the set. Just like what Epi Kusnandar told, last night Kang Murad still had time to do activities with Kang Pipit.

“If on the shooting location, it looks good, still likes to chat, laugh. Last night I still ate together, laughed,” he said.

The news of Kang Pipit’s death made Kang Murad shocked and unexpected. He still can’t imagine being on set without Kang Pipit.

“Yes, really (shocked). I just reported yesterday afternoon,” said Kang Murad.

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