Pique explains the reasons for his retirement… what are they?

The news of the Spanish player Gerard Pique does not stop from the moment he separated from the mother of his two children, the Colombian artist Shakira, and then surprised everyone by making the decision to retire from football permanently, whether at the level of playing with FC Barcelona or the Spanish national team.

Pique finally gave an interview in which he talked about his new life, and one of the most prominent things the famous player spoke about was what prompted him to make that sudden decision to retire.

Pique said that he has been in Barcelona for many years, but he is no longer the same as before, and it has become difficult for him to go to certain places, especially if he has a match at four in the evening, for example, which is played under the sun and after lunch, stressing that this It was getting too difficult for him, and he couldn’t go on with it any longer.

Shakira’s former partner added, “I have to be honest, I did not have the same appetite, I needed new challenges, and I saw that in the team I did not have the importance that I had before, I was not having a good time,” stressing that his decision to retire was a decision. true for him.

The player’s speech was without doubt about the scandals of bribery of referees, of which his former club was accused, known as the “Negrera case”, stressing that he had not seen any of these alleged charges.

And he stressed that the players had never felt that there were any bribes for the referees, and they were not informed of anything, saying that these accusations may be based on reports submitted by the club’s opponents, and someone may have actually done so, but he does not have any clear idea about the matter, stressing that the players They don’t know anything about this.

Describing the case, Pique said: “It is a topic that raises intrigues and front pages of newspapers.”

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