Economy Plastic parts - product recall for frozen plucked cake

Plastic parts – product recall for frozen plucked cake


Updated February 14, 2020, 10:22 p.m.

Frozen plucked cake was recalled at the Penny and Rewe supermarkets because of possible plastic parts in the dough.

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It is a batch of the product “Rewe Beste Wahl, Zupfkuchen, 500g” and a batch of “Bäckerkönung, Zupfkuchen, 500g”, as the company B + F Bakery & Food (Salzkotten / NRW) announced on Friday. Before the affected products are consumed, it is strongly advised against.

Due to a production error, it cannot be ruled out that white plastic parts could be in the cake in individual cases. A possible health hazard cannot be ruled out with absolute certainty.

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World News :

Rewe is the product with the EAN 4388844078796 and the best before date 31.10.2020 of the batch L304-1011119, Penny is the cake with the EAN 28271772, the best before date 31.10.2020 and the batch: L060-1011119.

Customers could return the affected products in the respective market and would get the purchase price reimbursed, even without presenting the receipt, it said. (Ash / dpa)

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