Players of the Colombian National Team went to blows

The commentator did not publish the identity of those involved in the incident, but pointed out that the coexistence in the dressing room of the combined ‘coffee’ was “fractured” and that the coach Carlos Queiroz He privately told his clients to tell him if the problem was him to leave, but nobody answered him.

“There are groups facing each other within the Colombia selection; there were episodes whose protagonists managed to blow themselves up ”, said the commentator by way of introduction in ‘Sports Blog’, program of Blue Radio.

And he added: “There was a player who stamped another; both players, of international level. It happened on this double date. The fact is confirmed, but not the protagonists ”.

Faced with these complaints, the journalist Ricardo Orrego explained that before the crash in Barranquilla against Uruguay [derrota 0-3] there was a scuffle by the captain’s band.

“There were those who were mortified because they did not appoint him field captain … The captain was David Ospina and in the ranking the first is Falcao [que no estuvo], the second is James Rodríguez and the third is Ospina ”.

Finally, Javier Hernandez Bonnet noted that among executives “there is a marked distrust about the decisions that Queiroz makes” and that “most of the executive committee of the Federation wants him to leave, but their problem is that they don’t know who to replace him with ”.

The analyst said that after the 6-1 defeat against Ecuador, on the fourth day of the South American qualifier, the leader who leads the desire for the coach not to continue is Álvaro González Alzate.


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