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Sony provides more details on compatibility between accessories for the PlayStation 4 and 5. The current DualShock 4 controller also works on the PlayStation 5, but only for playing PS4 games. PlayStation 5 games require the new DualSense controller.

According to Sony, PlayStation 5 games are intended to take full advantage of the console’s new features, including features of the DualSense controller. Therefore, the DualShock 4 controller will not work with PS5 games, said Sony.

These are probably games that appear exclusively for the PS5, for example those of Sony’s own studios. Many major publishers release their upcoming titles on both the current generation of consoles and the new generation. The DualShock 4 controller may work on games that come out on both PS4 and PS5.

The new DualSense controller has improved haptic feedback in adaptive triggers. This means that the L2 and R2 buttons have resistance that can adapt to situations in games. The DualSense controller also has one sensor that can measure whether the player is blowing. Probably not all games will use that sensor, but with the DualShock 4 controller, functionality associated with that sensor wouldn’t work.

Sony has also announced that many PS4 accessories released by other licensed manufacturers will also work on the PlayStation 5. These include racing wheels, arcade and flight sticks. Sony does note that compatibility may depend on the manufacturer. Users should check with the maker of the equipment.

The PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation Move controllers and the PSVR Aim Controller also work on the PlayStation 5, in conjunction with PSVR games that support them. In fact, that’s about the PSVR ecosystem introduced with the PlayStation 4. Sony has not yet announced anything about VR titles or hardware developed specifically for the PlayStation 5. Rumors have it that there will be one in 2021 new PSVR headset from.

Sony also announces one State of Play broadcast which will take place on Thursday 6 August at 22:00 Dutch time. In an episode of more than 40 minutes, Sony will provide details about upcoming PS4 and PSVR games. Sony will also further highlight a number of previously announced PS5 indie games. Big news about the PlayStation 5 is not coming Thursday, Sony emphasizes on Twitter.

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