PlayStation organizes the campaign “Play Online, Stay Connected”. Play games with friends and receive special rewards.

Sony announced the campaign “Play Online, Stay Connected”, inviting players to play games with friends in online multiplayer mode. Win special prizes from PlayStation. The event runs from September 15 – October 17.

Those interested in participating in the campaign must log in to their PlayStation Network (PSN) account on the website. and register at the campaign website Play Online, Stay Connected To be part of the Community to be eligible to win exclusive prizes for achieving campaign goals.

Game 1: “Stay” event (all players participating in the campaign)
All participants who register for the campaign will win Game 1 and be rewarded with an exclusive Ancient Weapon item in Hunter’s Arena: Legend.

Game 2: “Connected” (Community Goal) Event
Game time in online multiplayer will be collected in the Community Goal. At 300,000 hours, all campaign participants in the Community will win game 2 and be rewarded with an exclusive PSN avatar. 6 types of episodes for online multiplayer games

Game 3: “Play Online” Event
Top 20 players in each country/region with the most hours of play (total playing time) in online multiplayer mode Win Game 3 and be rewarded with a Rock Glass & Ice Mold Premium Set.

The top 3 contestants in each country/region will receive a PS Store Voucher worth 15,000 baht. More from the Rock Glass & Ice Mold Premium Set.

There is also a special discount promotion. Starting from September 29th – October 26th, and during the weekend from October 2nd – October 4th, players can access the online multiplayer game for free.

For more details about the “Play Online, Stay Connected” campaign, visit the website. and fan page PlayStation Asia

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