PLD extends enrollment of its political committee to 45 members

The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) announced today its “bases” approved expanding the political committee of the opposition party to 45 members.

The announcement came in one during the press conference, held at the National House of the party.

The PLD members said that the rank and file of the organization voted through a virtual plenary session, held between Sunday and this morning,

A total of 1,878 authorized party delegates participated in the vote, out of the 2,667 summoned, of whom 1,482 (78.91%) would have voted to approve the expansion of that entity’s enrollment. Only 396 people voted no.

One detail to highlight is that despite the fact that the plenary was held virtually, around 30% of the delegates summoned to participate in it did not.

They understand that it is functional

During the weekend, two current members of the political committee, Reinaldo Pared Pérez and José Tomás Pérez, indicated that bringing the enrollment to 45 would make it an “infunctional body”, which was refuted by the members of the organizing commission.

Danilo Díaz added that he understands that they have the right to “disagree” but that they still have to respect the choice of the majority.

“That is their right, they can give their opinion. However, within the reorganization plan of the party, it is that each member of the political committee is assigned a province and they have to render a report every time it is requested, and there you are giving functions “, expressed the PLD leader.

On her side, the former Minister of Education Alejandrina Germán, says that the political committee will not be infunctional although she does understand that with the large number of people it now has, “the central committee will be something unmanageable.”

Currently the political committee of the PLD is made up of 35 people, including the president and the secretary general.


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