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Plougastel strawberries want real recognition

It is known everywhere in France, even in Europe, for its particular taste and its unusual history. The Plougastel strawberry wants to obtain its Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). A way to enhance this particular territory and climate which has allowed it to prosper since the 18th century (Frézier brought it back from Chile … to Brest, in 1714), to perpetuate its culture, but also jobs and know-how.

“In 2017, we created an association that brings together 32 local producers to work on the development of this complete application for recognition. We will send it at the beginning of 2022 to the National Institute of Origin and Quality (Inao) ”, confides the co-president of the association, Régis Pichon, 50 years old, established since 1995 on the tip of Armorique, where he takes care of his 6,000 square meters of cultivation in the ground.

A few years ago, the producers of Plougastel expressed their dissatisfaction with the sale in medium and large areas of “Strawberry from Plougastel from Spain” for ridiculous prices. “Unfair competition which completely serves the original product and our profession”, sighs Régis Pichon, recalling the real quality of the product: “This file highlights the specificities of the territory and therefore of this fruit. Meteorological and hydrometric studies have been carried out and highlight an atypical climate in our production basin, linked to the direct proximity to the sea ”.

Result: the temperatures and the amount of sunshine allow a better rate of sugar and better growth. A PGI would also allow Plougastel producers to adhere to very demanding specifications, in terms of culture, the environment and respect for biodiversity, which would make the product even more tasty.

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