PMI Sukabumi continues to intensify health education education among residents

PMI ranks have carried out various strategies for handling anticipation in the regions

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SUKABUMI – The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Sukabumi City continues its commitment to contribute to prevention and handling of a pandemic Covid-19. This was done in order to break the one-year chain of Covid-19 migration in Indonesia.

“Since the start of the outbreak of cases in Indonesia, various strategies for handling anticipation in the regions have been carried out by the ranks of PMI, especially in Sukabumi City,” said Chairman of PMI Sukabumi City, Suranto Sumowiryo, Tuesday (2/3).

One of them is coordinating with the Sukabumi City Government by preparing a plan for spraying disinfection operations and mobilizing PMI volunteers in education on health protocols. For example, on March 5, 2020, PMI Sukabumi City started its first inspection of disinfectants in the public transportation service area at the train station and bus terminal in the City of Sukabumi.

“We assess that the time train station is an area that is prone to spreading and has the potential to spread due to the flow of community mobilization from Jabotabek to Sukabumi and vice versa,” said Suranto.

In addition, the location that became the concentration at that time was the bus terminal which was the target of disinfectant spraying. In an effort to anticipate the spread of the Covid-19 virus outbreak, continued Suranto, PMI Sukabumi City at that time had prepared about one ton of disinfectant liquid supplies for spraying activities. In addition, PMI also dispatched volunteers and supporting fleets in the mass disinfection operation.

Suranto said the disinfectant spraying activity was an effort to respond to PMI in helping the government in efforts to prevent the spread of Covid 19, especially in Sukabumi City. He further said that currently PMI has been consistently making preventive efforts and nearly thousands of locations have been recorded where disinfectants are sprayed.

“The point is that until now we are consistent with various supports, such as from PMI Pusat, Amcross, USAID, and IFRC to carry out various activities,” said Suranto.

Among other things, by targeting the community, especially vulnerable groups, conducting education and socialization on the prevention of Covid-19. Also raising public awareness of the importance of the practice of washing hands with soap as an effort to have a clean and healthy lifestyle (PHBS) as an antidote to the spread of the Covid-19 virus. PMI has also distributed portable sinks installed in strategic locations of residents, and has distributed thousands of PHBS Kit packages to residents as an effort to prevent Covid-19.

Suranto said, various ways have been done, but what is of note is the commitment to continue this strategy. “The most important thing is the awareness of its own citizens to always be disciplined in maintaining health protocols,” he added.

Mayor of Sukabumi, Achmad Fahmi, gave his appreciation for PMI’s contribution in handling Covid-19. “It takes togetherness in handling Covid-19 so that the pandemic can end soon,” he said.


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