PMU – Arrival of the quinté on Monday October 18 at Clairefontaine: Bingo for Bellaciaociao!

Arrival: 2-7-4-10-1

Of the two representatives of Jean-Claude Rouget, it is Bellaciaociao (n ° 2) who won the bet. While the Irish Class (n ° 14), long at the forefront, slowed down significantly to finish, the other 3-year-old filly won at this level on the occasion of her first attempt on the Clairefontaine racecourse (Calvados), Monday. Close in the opposite line by Cristian Demuro, who signs a fifty-eighth success in a quinté, to place behind the animators, it was then shifted into the final phase. His beautiful burst of speed did the rest.

High Lady (n ° 7) must be satisfied with second place, she who once again proves her potential at this level (five places in seven participations). Irish Street (n ° 4) is undoubtedly the note of this quinté. Positioned at the rear, it rebuilt a lot of ground at the end of the 2,400m to take third place. To be continued soon.

Sottevast (n ° 10) and Prince of Montfort (n ° 1), who had yet been penalized by weight after two successes in a row, the last of which in a quinté at the beginning of October, complete the good combination.

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