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PMU – Arrival of the quinté on Thursday, December 2 in Paris-Vincennes: Gaspar de Brion relaxed

Arrival of the quinté: 9 – 14 – 10 – 6 – 5

The quinté du jour took place at the Paris-Vincennes racecourse (12th century). This European race with a start at the autostart pitted sixteen competitors aged 4 and 5 inclusive, having won at least 45,000 euros, but not 200,000 euros, over the 2,100 m of the main track. Easy winner on November 18 right here, Gaspar de Brion (n ° 9) doubled the bet leaving no chance for his opponents. At the odds of 1.7 / 1, it did not disappoint its many takers.

After having produced a sharp acceleration 1000 meters from the goal to take the lead in the climb, Gaspar de Brion broke away, taking several steps ahead, then was never joined in the final phase. Co-owned by show jockey Thomas Beaurain, the 5-year-old gelding has thus recorded the tenth victory of his career, the second in a quinté in as many outings. “He has always had a lot of ease, underlines his trainer and driver Matthieu Abrivard at the microphone of Equidia. He takes his races well and goes up the ranks. He is a horse with which we take our time. I hope he will go as far as possible. It should be reviewed in early January. He’s going to go back to my father’s house a bit. “

Second, without worrying about the winner, Howdy Partner (n ° 14) had a good performance, especially since he did a little outside. Gina Mearas (n ° 10) behaved remarkably for his return to Paris-Vincennes. After waiting in the second part of the peloton, she rebuilt a lot of ground to get the second runner-up. Fourth, Bubble Elf (n ° 6) waited behind the leaders, left the rope and tried to come in second depth at the intersection of the tracks, before making a good effort at the entry of the straight line. Fail with nothing for a better allocation, Hermine Girl (n ° 5) sets the record straight by completing the finish. Exodus Brick (n ° 13) and Marvelous Tooma (n ° 15) were found to be at fault and were disqualified.

Stephan Flourent indicated the trifecta in order in three horses only while Kévin Romain offered you the quarté in order and the quinté in disorder in eight horses.

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