PMU – Arrival of the quinté on Tuesday September 28 in Compiègne: Kimriver ahead of Risky Star

Arrival of the quinté : 2 – 8 – 5 – 11 – 1. Non runner 6

Disputed in sticky ground, the quinté gathered fifteen competitors, aged 5 to 9 years, after the withdrawal of Ivo (n ° 6), for a 3,800 m journey over the hedges of the Putois racecourse. A short lead for 3rd place in the September 1st quinté at the Auteuil racecourse, Kimriver (n ° 2) found a fair reward for his efforts by winning for the first time at this level. Quickly placed behind the backs of the hosts, Gianni Siaffa’s partner went on the offensive between the last two difficulties before taking the advantage on the flat. He is easily ahead Risky Star (n ° 8), author of a fine final effort after having waited a long time and Dentor des Obeaux (n ° 5), quickly noticed in the leading group. Constant appearing, Shenko Magic (n ° 11) completes the arrival of the quartet and clearly precedes Guarantee of success (n ° 1), one of the animators and courageous despite his burden of 72 kg. After more than fifteen months of absence, Captain (n ° 14) confirms his regain of form by failing at the gates of the quinté and ahead Power (n ° 15). To note that Saint Anjou (n ° 3) animated the event for a long time before showing signs of weariness during the final sprint while Betong Emery (n°4), Foreign Flower (n°7), Folly Foot (n°9), Galileo of Viette (n ° 12) and Blain (# 13) were unable to complete their run.

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