PMU. Arrival of the quinté on Wednesday September 16 at La Capelle: our last minute is required at 32/1

Arrival of the quinté: 4 – 1 – 14 – 7 – 12

“I’ll run it with a first chance. “In our Tuesday edition, Alexis Garandeau did not hide his confidence in the chances of his boarder, Farah des Caux (n ° 4). Not very followed by punters, since she started at 32/1, this 5-year-old mare fully justified the enthusiasm of her mentor. Patient within the peloton, in a test carried out at a pace sustained by Fifty Winner (n ° 8), she was shifted mid-straight and was quick to show her superiority. The winner was our last minute on our audiotel (0892.683.675).

The favorite takers, Fearless Jiel (n ° 1), can express some regrets, even if wisdom has never been its first quality. Without a prank in the penultimate turn, David Thomain’s partner would surely have threatened, even beaten, the winner as her end of the race to get the first runner-up was pleasant.

Despite its position in the second row behind the autostart, Fortissimoko (n ° 14) manages to get on the podium. Close in thickness from the end of the line opposite, he is courageous to dominate around the post Felli Eleven (n ° 7), who had his chance for a better ranking.

Coming to the outposts at the entrance of the last bend, Ecstasy of Bouffey (n ° 12) marked time to finish but managed to keep fifth place.

Stevie Doussot and Stéphan Flourent indicated the quartet out of order.

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