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The Pokémon Go Fest returns in 2022, and the Pokémon Shaymin will make its first appearance in the game. Find out how to participate in the event as well as all the surprises that await you!

Pokémon Go Fest takes place on Saturday June 4 and Sunday June 5.

Like every year, an experience free and a part paying take place during the biggest Pokémon weekend of the year. Here is the Pokémon GO Fest 2022 program!

Pokémon GO Fest 2022

This year, the price of the ticket to participate in the Festival will be 17 € in the official game store.

Some features are available for all players and others are reserved for players who have an event ticket.

An additional final event also takes place on Saturday, August 27, 2022.

Day 1: Saturday June 4

Date : Saturday, June 4 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Free Bonuses

  • Habitats: Habitats will change every time and allow you to meet different Pokémon
    • Habitat Municipality : Magneti, Tadmorv d’Alola, Tygnon, Balbuto, Cheniti Cape Déchet, Archeomire, Poichigeon, Miamiasme, Scrutella, Gringolem, Flamiaou, Pikachu, Smogogo de Galar
    • Habitat Plaines : Girafarig, Insolourdo, Embrylex, Chamallot, Kraknoix, Mustébouée, Ratentif, Rototaupe, Escargaume, Furaiglon, Hélionceau, Pikachu, Coupenotte
    • Habitat Tropical forest : Gobou, Grainipiot, Balignon, Parecool, Tortipouss, Ousticram, Venipatte, Carabing, Opermine, Venalgue, Brindibou, Pikachu, Pandespiègle
    • Habitat Tundra : Ammonite, Marcacrin, Géolise, Méditikka, Wailmer, Obalie, Tiplouf, Sorbébé, Polarhume, Grelaçon, Otaquin, Pikachu, Darumarond de Galar
  • New Shiny Pokémon: Balignon shiny, Chamallot shiny, Carabing shiny, Coupenotte shiny et Escargaume shiny will be available for the first time
  • Pikachu in disguise
  • Free Pokemon Go Fest T-Shirt in Shop

Paid ticket bonus

  • To catch Earth Form Shaymin by completing special studies
  • Many difficulty levels to be chosen for the special study: Relaxation, Standard and Master. Each level determines a related sticker but does not change the other rewards.
  • Many different game modes to choose : Capture, Exploration or Combat. The missions will change depending on the choice.
  • Rate shiny increased by usingIncense
  • Nouveau shiny: Zarbi B shiny
  • 4 Collection Challenges linked to each habitats
  • Special Pokémon attracted by Incense depending on the habitats:
    • Municipality : Zarbi B, Zarbi G, Zarbi O, Zarbi U, Tic, Smogogo de Galar
    • Plaines : Zarbi B, Zarbi G, Zarbi O, Zarbi U, Chartor, Coupenotte
    • Tropical forest : Zarbi B, Zarbi G, Zarbi O, Zarbi U, Tropius, Pandespiègle
    • Tundra : Zarbi B, Zarbi G, Zarbi O, Zarbi U, M. Mime de Galar, Darumaron de Galar
  • Global Challenge Arena : Global challenges that will unlock bonuses for all trainers with a ticket
  • Raids : Disguised Pikachu, Chopstick

Day 2: Sunday June 5

Date : Sunday, June 5 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Free Bonuses

  • Global Challenge Arena : Global challenges that will unlock bonuses for all trainers
  • New Pokemon in 5-Star Raids: Coming soon…
  • Special study
  • Saturday wild Pokémon will be back

Paid ticket bonus

  • Special Study Scenario additional
  • Pokémon attracted to incense on Saturday will be back
  • hot air balloons frequent Team Go Rocket
  • x2 mysterious elements earned by defeating Team Go Rocket minions

2 days

Free Bonuses

  • Pikachu wearing a special hat inspired by Shaymin’s Gracididae
  • Event Photobomb

Paid ticket bonus

  • 9 Free Raid Passes by making Arena PhotoDiscs
  • Event Stickers in Gifts and Pokéstops
  • Surprise unlocked by taking up to five photos during the event

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