Pokémon sword and shield, Expansion pass: The difficulty of the new content adapts to your Team

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21:20 – 15.06.2020
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Shortly before the release of the first expansion “the island of The armor” to reach us new information The expansion pass of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Sign. Like IGN in experience could bring, will adjust the difficulty of the new content to your Team. Once players have entered for the first Time, the nature of the zone, can be denied the additional adventures of the expansion pass.

So players can get started regardless of your progress in the main game with the new content, you will have a flexible Balancing the difficulty chosen. Your Team should already consist of Level 100 pokemon, so you will be against Level 100 opponents to compete, have betrayed a Nintendo spokesman. It is still uncertain whether the level of difficulty adjusted to the best riding of the extension on a regular basis or whether this is determined at the beginning. Both parts of the expansion pass make use of this peculiarity of use.

The first part of the expansion pass of Pokémon sword pokemon sign appears in this week at 17. June. In the extension of “The island of the armor” can Pokémon Trainer explore/interior a whole new area of the Galar Region, to other recurring pokemon encounter, and with the new legendary Pokémon Dakuma make the acquaintance of. We reported on the additional content already in detail the announcement of the expansion pass as well as in subsequent articles as at the beginning of the month.

What do you think? A sensible Consideration on the part of GAME FREAK?

Source: IGN – news image: © Nintendo / Creatures / GAME FREAK



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