Pokémon Sword and Shield: this is what it would look like on the old Game Boy

Who would say that Pokémon, the saga that appeared in the later era of the Game Boy, it would become such a success that it would take eight generations. Of course, a lot has changed since the series debuted and that includes the technology behind its video games.

Today, pokémon They look completely rendered in 3D, in full color and each one has its own characteristic cry or sound. However, if you lived through the time of the first generations, you probably remember that before the creatures had a rather peculiar cry made with a chip working at 8 bits.

More than two decades have passed since those days, and the eighth generation, the one that introduced us to the new region of Galar in Pokémon Sword and Shield, already has up to two DLCs, each with its new creatures.

Perhaps it was nostalgia that motivated artist Pat Ackerman to wonder what the Pokémon of this generation if it had appeared in the Game Boy, with all the technical limitations that said device supposed.

The point is valid, since the first generation pokémon have always been recreated in each new generation and console that has appeared on the market, but we have almost never had the opportunity to see the opposite case.

Some of the sprites made by the artist. Photo: Twitter / Pat Ackerman

Ackerman’s work is one of the few ways to envision that scenario and his work has been praised by the community. In words to Kotaku, the artist noted: “I used the 56 x 56 size, which was the original size of the sprites in Pokémon Red, blue, Verde and Yellow. I stayed with the Yellow color palette. I focused on the pose of the creatures, as that used to define who they were before 3D models. I tried to make them dynamic and show something unique about each one of them ”.

The models have high detail and you can see them in their original post on Twitter, following this link.


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