Police arrest man for Snapchat account hacking and sextortion | NOW

Detectives of the Cybercrime team in North Holland arrested an eighteen-year-old Vlaardinger on Wednesday. The man is suspected of phishing, hacking of Snapchat accounts and of ‘sextortion’, a form of blackmail in which victims are asked for nude photos. The police report this on Thursday.

Since April 20, the Cybercrime team has received “an increasing number of reports” from people whose Snapchat accounts have been hacked. It mainly concerns accounts of young victims. The investigators started an investigation.

It shows that the victims clicked on a link, which supposedly allowed them to see if they were in an area where corona had been detected. Via that link had to log in again with the Snapchat account. But it turned out to be a phishing link, giving the man access to account names and passwords. He was then able to log in to the Snapchat accounts.

The man then pressed victims through a form of sextortion. He threatened to distribute private photos on the internet. In addition, they had to send nude photos or money to get their account back. The police report that the victims did not do this as far as is known.

More than twenty victims are known to the police. They all come from North Holland. During the arrest, the Cybercrime team also searched the suspect’s home on Wednesday. Among other things, phones, laptops and computers were seized.

The man is brought before the examining magistrate on Friday.


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