Police follow the mystery of the fall of a girl from a height in Giza

09:31 PM

Friday 15 October 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

A fleeting conversation through a social media application between two university students was the beginning of the end for a young girl.

A few months ago, a girl met a university student through social media. The relationship between the two university students strengthened until the latter deluded her that he was going to propose to her upon his graduation.

Once, Ahmed asked her to send him her picture. The girl hesitated at first, but with his insistence, she sent him an ordinary picture that she did not know that a young man in his twenties might threaten her with.

One night, the young man asked the girl to send him another picture, to answer him with a flat refusal, “No, of course, it will not work.” He insisted on his request, “This is a normal need.” All of which was his procrastination, in search of a way out. “The mobile is not with me at night.”

At that moment, “Ahmed” threatened the girl with unprecedented severity that he would send her photo to her family if she did not comply with his request. Then the girl called her best friend. She told her what happened between her and the young man, assuring her, “I don’t know what to do?”

The conversation between the two friends ended before sunrise the next day when the girl’s friend woke up to her death; After falling from a height in mysterious circumstances in Giza.

A security force came to the place of the report. The body was transferred to the mortuary at the disposal of the Forensic Medicine Authority, pending a burial permit from the Public Prosecution.


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