Police President issues “Fendrich Ordinance” – Vienna

Every Viennese police car now plays “I am from Austria” every day in the corona crisis – “to set a sign of cooperation among the population”, as police chief Gerhard Pürstl decreed.

What a strong sign of solidarity! Vienna State Police Director Gerhard Pürstl has commissioned all city police commands, all special units and the standby unit to play “I am from Austria” daily on all patrol cars in the corona crisis.

“Image campaign now”

Like “Today” reported, the police started this action on Friday. In front of the Viennese mall, an official delighted passers-by with a few dance steps to the unofficial national anthem Rainhard Fendrichs. In one “Today”Police chief Pürstl has this letter: “In the spirit of the collective effort, there will be an image campaign from now on, in which every area of ​​the Vienna State Police, which is in the executive patrol service with a patrol car, will take part.”

Pürstl: turn on Radio Wien

Pürstl points to the “broad solidarity movement among the population among each other as well as towards emergency organizations”. This new “we feeling” should now become visible every day. Pürstl orders all patrol cars that are on the road in Vienna’s urban area “and are not tied to a specific mission” at 5:55 p.m. “Background: The station plays the song ‘I am from Austria’ by Rainhard Fendrich every day at exactly 6:00 p.m., in order to set a sign of togetherness”.

Pürstl: “… at a reasonable volume”

The state police director further explains: “The Vienna police will join the ORF here.” It is up to the officials “at their own discretion” whether the song is played in its entirety or for a shorter duration (“but definitely recognizable as such”). The Fendrich hit was to be transported to the outside via the microphone system of the patrol car – “in the vicinity of appropriate volume”.

The LPD Vienna confirmed “Today“Saturday afternoon the authenticity of this instruction. A loud signal for cohesion in these difficult times. Of course, some professional grumblers in social (?) Networks immediately tired -” I am from Austria “would not include all people living in Vienna. What is your opinion ? Join our vote.

By the way: Austropop legend Rainhard Fendrich himself thanked the “system maintainers” and shared a video in which he thanks in red and white outfit for the cohesion among the population – and smashes his biggest hit.

Friday’s video to be checked

Police and sounding solidarity

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